The Rules for this game have been created to provide players with a safe and fair playing environment. We want everyone to have a good time. We hope and trust that those that choose to participate at our event will follow the game rules carefully and more importantly understand that this is a game that participants play to have fun and great memories.

    NEW 2018 GAME RULES 

        • No Tanks
        • No Hot Insertions
        • No Smoke
        • No Paint Grenades
        • Base Under Attack
        • Rocket Launchers

    Teams will be structured before start if there is a difference of 10% or more in the number of players per side. Our Safety staff will strictly enforce rate of fires and velocity by random chronograph enforcement through the entire game. Maximum velocity is 280 fps.  *Paintball Markers – 280 fps / Maximum Rate Of Fire 15 bps – Semi or PSP/NXL Gun Modes Only. Rocket Launchers  / laws / rpg / nerf rockets Maximum Velocity – 230 fps. / semi mode

    THIS IS A FIELD PAINT ONLY EVENT. ALL participants are REQUIRED to purchase at the event a minimum of (1) case of paintballs at the time of registration for this event.



        • No Night Vision Allowed
        • Whistles
        • PSP/NXL or Semi Only
        • No Smoke
        • max. Rate Of Fire 15 BPS
        • Pyrotechnics
        • Game Props Used To Deceive Opponents
        • Firearms
        • Shields Of Any Kind
        • Laser Sights
        • Trip Wires
        • Crossbows
        • Air Horns
        • Sling Shots
        • Cyclumes
        • BB Guns
        • Knives
        • Orange T-Shirt  or Referee Type T-Shirt
        • Game Props Used To Deceive Opponents
        • Ropes
        • No Paint Grenades
        • CAMERAS, VIDEO CAMERAS  We have hired professional photographers to take pictures of all the players. No spectator’s cameras will be allowed in the game. Video cameras mounted in guns or masks will be allowed but the player must be in full gear and playing during filming. No player will be allowed to walk around the field as a camera person.


    No one is allowed to shoot thru holes in any netting found on the field. 


    No one is allowed to talk to players from the sideline of the field, within 100 ft from any boundary / netting and that including but not limited to any type of communications including radio, cell phones, plain chatter or any other form of communication.


    We have (2) types of referees on the field. We have well marked referees with our Orange Referee T-Shirt, in addition, we will have as many as 10 player referees per side that have been selected for the role by our staff. The player referee can only interact with players of their own side.  They cannot eliminate or request eliminations of opposing players. Player referees will act in a voluntary manner and are there to help in maintaining fair play through the weekend. A player-ref can only ask that a player calls himself out if he or she observes the player in question take a hit or play with a hit. If the player chooses to stay, the player-ref will report the incident to the nearest referee. We ask that you are respectful of the player-ref just as you must be to our field referees. Failure to do so will be documented and could potentially result in extraction from the game. In addition to the fair play support, they can report un-sportsmanship behavior to referee staff.


    This is a NO WAIT insertion game. Initial Engagement and Final Battle reinsertions will be continuous. All re-spawning players will enter the site from their base side entrance. Players will not be live and may not engage other players until they have reached their designated base and tag in. Players will move to that station with Barrel plugs on and markers pointed in the air. NO HOT INSERTIONS. ANY ELIMINATED PLAYER CAN RESPAWN AT THEIR BASE OR LEAVE THE SITE AND ONLY RE-ENTER FROM THE MAIN SPAWN POINT EACH TIME THEY ARE ELIMINATED. THERE WILL BE NO HOT INSERTIONS IN THIS GAME.


    There will be a MED CENTER/ RESPAWN BARREL with your teams respective color that can be used to respawn back into the game eliminating the need for you to walk all the way out of the field or back to your base to respawn. Both MED CENTER/RESPAWN BARRELS will be located at equal distance from their respective bases to avoid any advantages. In order to use the MED CENTER after being eliminated, you must walk to your respective teams barrel with your sleeve on your marker. Your Med Center is only available for respawn if the white flag is showing/flying/exposed. If the white flag is not exposed/raised, you will not be allowed to respawn until a live teamate turns the flag over by inserting it inside the barrel Flag successfully. Once more, only a live player can re-activate the respawn Med Center by inserting the flag inside the barrel. Eliminated players that are interested in respawning at the respective Med Center must raise their guns and walk without interruption to the respective barrel marked with the team color and ONLY if the flag is in the UP position. Once you have arrived to your teams designated barrel, you must wipe off all hits so you do not get called out on an old hit. At this point, touch the barrel remove your sleeve then you are a live player and can start shooting and be shot at. Remember that you are doing this at a higher risk of getting shot by an opponent that may be waiting for you to respawn. Please do not make a scene if you get shot multiple times after respawning. So long as the respawn location is active, you can respawn as many times as you would like to.

    As an opposing player, please do not shoot players with sleeves still on the gun. MED CENTERS can be deactivated by any live opposing player by inserting the white flag downwards/into the barrel. To re-activate a respawn point, a live player must expose the white flag. Your Respective team can only use your team color barrel and may not under any circumstances use the opposing teams respawn barrel. Opposing teams cannot activate an opponent’s inactive MED CENTER/RESPAWN POINT.


    Scoring will be based on the following system. There are multiple ways to score points for each side. Some of the ways to accumulate points include the completion of missions, blowing your opponents base and HOTI’s under control. Teams will receive points for completed missions, as well as the finding and turning in official game props. Teams can also score points for the control of active Flag Posts known as HOTI’s (See HOTI Scoring Information Below)


    The final battle will be explained at the event. We are considering moving it to the “Mulch Mounds/Waste Land” section of the field. Because these mulch mounds are subject to change, we will make an assessment closer to the event date and make a decision if we will be able to move the battle there. We will have the Final Battle details prior to the start of the game. Be sure to attend the players meeting Saturday March 4th @ 10 am. for the explanation of the Final Battle and the location.


    Generals will receive their team missions every ½ hour.  every other mission will be a HOTI mission. Example: 12:00 p.m.  – HOTI Mission (Flag Control Mission) 12:30 noon – Intelligence or Retrieval Mission 1:00 p.m.  – HOTI Mission (Flag Control Mission) 12:30 noon – Intelligence or Retrieval Mission Etc. Etc.


    A number of Flag Poles have been equally placed on both sides of the field. Generals can accumulate points for each HOTI that they are able to control. Every hour a single HOTI will become active. The HOTI’s will remain active for 30 minutes. The first team to raise their team’s colored flag and is able to hold it up for 10 consecutive minutes will get the points towards their Generals score. At any time during the scheduled mission, an opposing team can switch a flag color to gain control and earn the flag mission points, so long as the other side did not have their flag up for at least 10 minutes in the upward position. Once a team gets the points the HOTI becomes inactive.


    A single solid hit on the player or their equipment will constitute elimination. A player pointing their marker into the air will be eliminated and a player with their barrel plug on is also considered eliminated. Our referees are not there to find players with hits and eliminate them. This is still a game where the honor system is in place. Referees may assist in this process but it is the player’s responsibility to call themselves out when marked by a paintball.


    Barrel Tags are automatic eliminations. Barrel Tagging must be done with the barrel touching an opponent’s body or equipment and player must be verbally notified of the elimination by the person doing the barrel tag.


    A player that is able to sneak up from behind or in either side of an opposing player, whom is within 5 to 10 feet and has an unobstructed shot can ask an opponent to surrender. To surrender, simply raise your gun and state that you are surrendering. This is a courtesy rule but we would like to see this courtesy offered to players particularly to the ladies and younger players. It is not mandatory to surrender, but it is highly recommended!


    All players MUST wear the armband of the color provided for their team at all times. Players without armbands will be asked to go back to their home base to get one. Players can NOT pick up or use opposing colored armband to deceive players. Armbands must be visible and not hidden with the uniform or gear. Armbands must and can only be placed on the right arm between the shoulder and elbow and it must be fully displayed without any obstruction. ID Cards must be worn on the back of the mask attached to the headband and displaying Players Number at all times.


    General’s elimination will only count when the general is eliminated inside their base. The value for for the elimination of a General is 100 points.


    Both bases have a designated scrimmage line pre-set and marked by NEON GREEN tape. This scrimmage line is known as the RESTART ZONE is used as a reset once an opponents base has been successfully blown.The referees will push back the aggressor team to the RESTART ZONE scrimmage line and will require that the players does not advance beyond its point for 20 minutes, thus allowing the blown base to build up its forces to defend or contend the opposing forces.


    The rule of BASE UNDER ATTACK has been created to prevent a team from trapping the opposition in their base for an unlimited amount of time.The rule states that when opposition in numbers of 15 players or more encroaches beyond an opponents RESTART ZONE (Aprox. 150 ft from Base under Attack), or if an opposing paintball strikes the opposing base, the team attacking has 15 minutes to blow the opponents base otherwise, the Referees will move the advancing team back to the RESTART ZONE. This gives bases the opportunity to build up their base support and prevents opposing teams from keeping a base from re-spawning for more than 15 minutes at a time.


    The OPPOSING base can be destroyed by pressing the BUZZER Box located at each base. Once destroyed, all players will leave the building. The building cannot be occupied until all eliminated players are removed from the building. Once the base has been destroyed, opposing players will be moved back approximately 150 feet from the base to a RESTART ZONE (GREEN TAPE) scrimmage line, and they cannot advance towards the base until 20 minutes have passed. Refs will make that call and allow players to enter the building at their discretion. Blown base is worth 250 points to the team blowing the base. General elimination points (100 pts.) will be added if the General was inside the base at the time that the base was blown. TEAMS WILL NOT GET POINTS FOR BLOWING THEIR OWN BASE.

    Base objects cannot be removed by opposing team players if the objects are directly under the base. no one should attempt to obstruct / move or place debris in the entry points of the base that could prevent the access by players.


    This is still an HONOR SYSTEM game. We can never have enough referees to monitor players. Sportsmanship is important to us, if you do not play by the simple rule of self elimination; we will then have no choice but to ask you to stop playing with no re-fund, however, if you need a paint check because you felt you were hit in an area that is difficult for you to visually inspect yourself, then we ask that you please ask a comrade for his help. Should there not be anyone in the immediate vicinity, yell for a paint check and a ref or player ref will make their way to you. There will be no neutrality calls due to the close quarter’s engagements of this event (Plan Accordingly). We will have Player Referees that will monitor players that are getting hit and not coming out of the game when hit.


    This year’s Generals Cup, we will be allowing the use of Rocket Launchers to eliminate players in BUILDINGS ONLY. Buildings are defined as any man made structure that resembles a building, mobile homes are included and considered as buildings. The first and most important rule is that players using launchers will only be allowed to carry and use 5 rockets per field entry or re-entry. In other words, you can only use the launcher 5 times per entry to the field of play. No sharing of rockets in the field is permitted.

    Players may use a rocket launcher to eliminate players outside and inside a building. To eliminate players inside a building, the rocket must impact one of the side walls. A player may not fire a rocket into a window or door as it can displace a set of goggles from a players face, therefore, If a rocket is shot into a building and it enters a room in flight, players in that room will NOT BE eliminated.

    IF THE ROCKET ENTERED A BUILDING THRU A WINDOW OR A DOOR THE ROCKET WILL HAVE NO EFFECT ON PLAYERS INSIDE A BUILDING. We create this rule with the purpose of discouraging shooting thru windows and knocking players masks off!

    When a rocket hits an occupied structure (not a building), all players within 5 feet of impact will be considered eliminated. Rocket’s will not destroy or blow up structures or buildings, they only have the potential to eliminate players. The building or structure can be re-occupied by either side once eliminated players have cleared the inside of the building or walked away from it’s immediate perimeter.

    Maximum Velocity – 230 fps. and rate of fire must be in semi mode. ALWAYS ASK A REF IF YOU ARE UNSURE IF YOUR SHOT WILL BE EFFECTIVE BEFORE YOU TAKE IT. Players are responsible for the retrieval of their own Rockets, but they must signal that they have been eliminated and must have their marker in the upward position with a barrel sock on it prior to walk toward the rocket being retrieved. Once the rocket has been recuperated, the player must exit the field. Referees are not responsible in retrieving rockets, but they if they find one in the ground, they will return them to the front desk for player retrieval. We recommend that you mark your rockets with your name or team name. We ask players that find such rockets and that do not belong to them, to give it to a ref or return it to the front desk.



    Players MUST WEAR their player cards at all times displaying the players number in the back of the mask, by attaching it to the mask head band. Below you will find the different types of violations and the cumulative punches that will be assessed for each violation. If a player receives 5 violation points, the player will no longer be allowed to play in the game, and he or she will not be allow to participate in the prizes raffle or get a refund of any type. We should point out that there will be ZERO tolerance for fighting on the field. The person who initiates any type of physical contact will be asked to leave without a refund. Furthermore, we will also have them arrested.  Remember, the punches are accumulative!


    The 2017 Generals Cup will use an accumulative point system to monitor unfair, unsafe or un-sportsmanship play. Each player will have a designated player number displayed in the back of their mask. At any time that a violation occurs. the players number will be recorded. The Ultimate Head Judge, will maintain records of all infraction and will handle issues with participants off the field. Both Official Field Referees and Player Referees can report violations. Please play fair and respect the game to avoid any issues.


    5 POINTS VIOLATION – These Violations Will Result In 5 Violation Points And Will End Your Game Without Refund And You Will Not Be Eligible For The Prizes Raffle! You may also be asked to leave the property!

        • Physical Altercations (Aggressor) – We also reserve the right to ask the other person or persons involved in any physical altercation.
        • Theft


    3 POINTS VIOLATION – These Violations Will Result In 3 Violation Points And You Will Not Be Eligible For The Prizes Raffle!

        • Don’t refuse a direct command from a referee.
        • Don’t shoot vertically up
        • Don’t change velocities on the field
        • Any action that constitutes a health or safety violation
        • Use of smoke
        • Velocity over 320 (Based on a 3 shot average)
        • Carrying or shooting Paint not purchased at the event.


    2 POINTS VIOLATION – These Violations Will Result in 2 Violation Points

        • Intentional overshooting
        • Intentional blind shooting
        • Verbal threats
        • Verbal Antagonizing Or Abuse To Anyone
        • Verbal Arguments Anywhere In The Property
        • Antagonizing opposing players / trash talking (un-sportsmanship behavior)
        • Moving of props or using debris as obstacles to prevent access of any kind
        • Switching team armbands
        • Velocity consistently between 300fps and 320 fps.(Based on a 3 shot average)
        • Verbal Confrontation
        • Taking your mask off for any reason in the playing field (Any Issues On Masks Such As Fog Must Be Handled Off Field)
        • Purposely Damaging Nerf or nerf type rockets
        • Illegal Gun Modes Such As Full Auto (Semi or PSP/NXL/Millenium Gun Modes Only Permitted) For Questions in regards to Firing Mode Call 727-326-3349


    1 POINT VIOLATION -These Violations Will Result 1 Violation Point

        • Playing without an armband
        • Shooting Back When Barrel Tagged
        • Walking Outside the Field with a Gun without a Barrel Sock on It
        • Velocity consistently between 285 fps and 300 fps.(Based on a 3 shot average)
        • Unintentional overshooting
        • Unintentional blind firing
        • Moving secured props
        • Unintentional crossing of safety tape
        • Disrespecting a Player Referee
        • Illegal Gun Rate Of Fire beyond 15 bps.

    CHRONOGRAPH VIOLATIONS – Chronographs are located at each base. In the event that a player is found to be shooting over 280 fps.,  he or she can request that the marker gets chtonographed at his base. If such request is made, he or she must voluntary allow referee to handle the marker in question until such is chronographed.  If the player refuses, he or she will then get his card punched with the proper number of punches based on violation. Any player found to be shooting over 320 fps will be asked to surrender the marker for verification or asked to leave the game without the ability to return to the field for the rest of the game. If such player re-enters the game, he or she will be permanently escorted of the property. We reserve the right to add, change or modify any of the rules listed at any given time! any changes will be discussed at the players meeting. we thank everyone for your cooperation in helping us maintain a safe and balanced game.