This year we will be offering (2) paint lines form Valken and First Strike Rounds!

THIS IS A FIELD PAINT EVENT ONLY! Anyone bringing or shooting paint not purchased at the event will be asked to leave without refund. We require a minimum of (1) case of 2000 paintballs purchased by every participant. All fills are of the same color on all of our paintballs for this event!

First Round Strikes do NOT count towards the minimum purchase required of (1) case of 2000 round balls. First Round Strikes will only be sold in advance and any purchases must be made on or before February 20th.


We will offer a Standard Field Paint Grade and a Premium Field Grade Paint at the event. Once you pay for your paint, you will receive a voucher to redeem at the Paint Booth. You will then have the choice to redeem your voucher that corresponds to your GRADE of paint with either BRAND.

As a courtesy to you, we will have all paint samples for you to do a drop test on a concrete slab. You then select your choice brand. It is a first come first serve basis. If we run out of a grade or brand of paint, you will have no option but to purchase from the remaining paint.

Because we are a FIELD/EVENT PAINT ONLY, we have ordered a specific color for our paintballs. This allows us to keep control of offsite paint. Anyone caught using non sold paint at the event will be asked to leave without refund. We will open each box and inspect the paint to make sure that you have received our event paint.

We don’t like to raise our paint prices at the event because someone was unable to pre-register. Because of that, we DO NOT OFFER discounts on our paint regardless of how many cases you may wish to purchase.

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